Hello! This is our Privacy Policy updated on 12/01/2020 in accordance to the latest best practices related to the General Data Protection Act (LGPD)!

In it you will find all the information related to when and why we collect your data and how we use this information, as well as what your rights are as a data subject (do you not know what the data subject is? Then check out our Glossary below).

Just to remind you, the following products and services are part of Contraktor:

This Privacy Policy deals with the collection and use of your data when you visit any of our websites or use one of these products and services, either to send documents or just to access and sign a document that has been sent to you.

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Glossary of Concepts

Some important settings to understand this Privacy Policy:

Legal bases: these are the possibilities brought by the General Data Protection Law that authorize the processing of personal data, such as the consent of the holder, the need to fulfill a contract, the fulfillment of a legal obligation, among others.

Contraktor: is Contraktor– Tecnologia Ltda., a private legal entity registered CNPJ no. 25.124.220/0001-58, with headquarters at Av. Viscount of Guarapuava, nº 3263, CEP 80.010-100 in the city of Curitiba/PR

Data controller: it is the one who makes the decisions related to the processing of personal data, and may be a natural or legal person.

Consent: this is when you authorize the processing of your personal data for a specific purpose that we will inform you in advance.

Cookies: They are small files that serve as navigation labels and that allow us to recognize your browser or device. So we’ll know how and when pages and Platforms are visited, as well as how many people access it. This is because it is useful for, for example, making platforms fit on your screen, better understand your preferences and offer you more efficient Products, Business and Experiences.

Personal data: this is information that can identify an individual or at least make it possible to identify them. It is information such as name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc.

Sensitive data: this is information that can generate some kind of discrimination or prejudice, such as racial or ethnic origin, religious convictions, political opinion, etc. Sensitive data regarding their health or sexual orientation, genetic or biometric data when linked to an individual, among others, are also considered sensitive data.

Purpose: is the reason why your personal data will be treated or the objective that is intended to be achieved with this processing of data.

Data Operator: It is the data controller who performs the data on behalf of the controller and within what is authorized and ordered by the Controller. You may be a natural or legal person.

Products, Services and Experiences: are all products, experiences and consumer journey offered by Contraktor in the format of platforms, technologies and other services such as Assinatura Grátis, Starter and Contraktor Platform.

Data Subject: is the person whose personal data was collected.

Treatment: it is every operation performed with personal data, such as collection, storage, consultation and analysis, for example.

How and when does Contraktor collect your personal data?

When you fill in your registration information on the Platform, when you fill out the form on our website or when you make use of our Products or Services, the Data is collected directly from you. In other cases, we collect the Data automatically, through Cookies, such as automatic completion of fields, or similar technologies present on the Site and the Platform. All events and situations in this collection are explained below:

During what events or interactions can we collect your Data?

We’ll make it clearer to you how we treat your data, in what situations, purpose and legal basis.

If you are a user of the Platform

If you already use any of our services (Assinatura Grátis, Starter and Contraktor), we may collect the following Data:

If you are a visitor to our websites

By accessing only our website we may collect the following data:

It is important to make it clear that the data stored and retained by our platforms does not allow the identification of the content of the contracts added by users or even any other data of a private nature.

Also, in accordance with the General Data Protection Law Contraktor is the operator of the data added by the user himself within his environment accessed by login and password on our platform, such as signer data, or information related to the parties of the Agreement. In these cases the legal basis for Contraktor to use such information is the execution of the contract, since it is essential data for the sending, collection and authentication of signatures.

With whom do we share your personal data?

To offer quality services that keep up with the demands of our customers, Contraktor forms partnerships with other companies. Therefore, your Personal Data may be shared with third parties, but such sharing does not deprece our concern to preserve your privacy as much as possible.

Below we describe the situations in which we may share your Personal Data and for what purposes:


We hire suppliers to enable the execution of our Services, such as data hosting services, means of payment, user support platforms, among others. These suppliers may perform the Processing of Data collected by Us, so we seek to conduct assessments on the levels of information security of these suppliers in order to maximize the protection of the Data Subject.

Analytical tools

The data collected by us may be used for statistical purposes, always anonymized, for the purpose of understanding the use behavior of those who visit our Site and use our Platform. From the analysis of this information, we can better understand the browsing habits of Users of our Products and Services and visitors to the Site and thus improve our service delivery, in addition to customizing them to better serve the interests of users and ensure a good user experience.

Data Check

To verify the veracity of information you provide to us, it may be necessary to share some data with public databases (such as the IRS) as well as with private databases, in order to avoid the occurrence of possible fraud – this is a protection for you and Contraktor.

Public Authorities

In the case of a request for data sharing by law-empowering authority or by a judge, it is Contraktor's duty to share the requested information.

Does Contraktor perform international data transfer?

No. Although we use servers from international companies, the bases of the servers used by Contraktor are located in Brazil. Therefore, all treatment performed will be subject to Brazilian legislation.

Services explicitly declared free of charge by CONTRAKTOR will not be charged. However, CONTRAKTOR may at any time cease the availability of any tool or utility offered free of charge, upon express notice on its website or on the SYSTEM, as well as communicated by e-mail to the USER, and the user must hire it if he does not wish to discontinue its use.

What are your rights as a personal data subject?

The Data Subject has the right to choose whether or not to share Data with us. However, we remind you that some of this data may be necessary for the proper functioning of our Services, such as registration data on the Platform. Nevertheless, your privacy and data protection rights will be protected and respected by contraktor’s, so that your access to and knowledge of all your rights in respect of Personal Data is ensured.

We remind you that Contraktor is the Operator of the data that the user adds in the platform, whether when sending contracts through our free service (AssinaturaGrátis.com) or the data that you add within your own workspace, accessed by login and password on our paid platform.

Brazilian law guarantees you a number of rights relating to your Personal Data and to facilitate your knowledge and the exercise of these rights we mention each of them below. Also, to exercise any of these rights you can send an email to sucesso@dev0987.contraktor.com.br.

Whenever you exercise your rights, Contraktor may request some additional information for the purposes of proving your identity, seeking to prevent fraud. We do this to ensure the security and privacy of our customers and users. Still, some requests may not be answered immediately, but we are committed to responding to all requests within a reasonable time and always in accordance with applicable law.

How long will your personal data be stored?

We will store your Data only for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we collect it, such as for the purposes of fulfilling any legal, contractual, accountability or request obligations of competent authorities.

What are our responsibilities and how do we protect your data?

Contraktor always seeks to employ the technology industry’s most advanced standards for protecting the confidentiality of users’ personal information. Contraktor considers the information, documents and data generated by users to be a precious asset that must be protected from any loss or unauthorized access, thus employing various security techniques to prevent unauthorized access.

Still, it is necessary to consider that no application is 100% (one hundred percent) secure, so Contraktor cannot prevent third parties from acting in bad faith in order to try to gain access to information, data or documents. For this reason treat your personal information and data very carefully because unauthorized entry or use of third parties in your account, hardware or software failure and other factors that are not under Contraktor’s control may compromise the security of your personal data. Therefore, its performance is fundamental for maintaining a safe environment for all.

How can you help maintain a safe environment for everyone?

You can help with some measures and best practices:

In any case, if you identify or become aware of something that compromises the security of your Data, please contact us at sucesso@dev0987.contraktor.com.br.

How to talk to Contraktor about personal data?

If you believe that your Personal Data has been used in a manner inconsistent with this Privacy Policy or your choices as the Holder of this Personal Data, or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this Policy, please contact us:

Contact email: sucesso@dev0987.contraktor.com.br

Privacy policy changes

As we are always looking to improve our Products, Services and Experiences, this Privacy Policy may undergo updates to reflect the improvements made. In this way, we recommend the periodic visit of this page so that you know about the modifications made.

But don’t worry, in the event of relevant changes that require new consent, we will contact you.