Frequently Asked Questions

As long as the document is in digital format (PDF and Word), the answer is yes. However, it is important to remember that even if most documents can be signed without a digital certificate, there are still some cases where public agencies require signature to be made with digital certificate. The first option is covered by all Contraktor plans, but the second option is only available on Business (on demand), Premium, and Enterprise plans.

eSigning a document with Contraktor is very easy, you can upload a PDF or Word file, fill in the signer’s data and request the signature by email, or Whatsapp. The Whatsapp sending option is only available on Business, Premium and Enterprise plans.

Yes. Contraktor is a data operator, processing personal data on behalf of the Controller (inc. VII of Art. 5 of Law No. 13,709/2018). By accessing our Privacy Policy you will find all information related to when and why we collect your data and how we use this information, as well as what your rights are as a data owner.

Whether you’re an individual, a self-employed worker, or a business, if you conduct document-based transactions, Contraktor can help you. From our free Assinatura Grátis to our plans: Starter, Light, Business, Premium and Enterprise, Contraktor can offer an efficient solution to streamline document signing, monitoring and management.

That depends on your need. We have solutions that serve those who just need to eSign a document, to companies with a large flow of documents and in need of a robust platform for more efficiency and agility in their processes. Moreover, our additional plans and modules are designed to keep up with your company’s growth.

It is a cloud system for the complete management of the entire document lifecycle. Contraktor helps you from the moment of preparing a document, through negotiation, electronic signature and monitoring of deadlines and tasks. We offer all necessary tools to simplify the way your departments (commercial, financial, etc.) deal with contracts.

Yes, you can test document eSigning with Assinatura Grátis, or use a 7 days trial to experience the functionality of digital signature, simple monitoring and document management of the Light and Starter plans. To learn about advanced plans, schedule a demo with our experts, or watch the videos about the platform on our YouTube channel.

Depends on. In Assinatura Grátis and Light and Starter plans, upon receiving a signature request, the person only needs to access his or her email account and follow the guidelines provided. In Business, Premium, and Enterprise plans, they need to create an account when receiving the email with the signature request. In both cases, no amount will be charged to it.

Depends on the plan. With Light and Starter plans, there is no contract, and you can sign directly through our website, being the payment method the credit card, through recurring billing. To subscribe to our Business, Premium and Enterprise plans you need to contact our sales team, and payment may be by recurring credit card charge, or via bank slip.

For advanced plans, yes. The platform is tailored to your business model. In addition, a training and follow-up is carried out with our support team.

As our model is based on a management platform, the collection is made by the amount of licenses and contracted plan, being possible to send documents for simple electronic signature in an unlimited way in all plans.

When we talk about eSignature, that is, signature without digital certificate, for us it makes no sense that the charge is made by signing volume, because in all our plans this type of signature is unlimited.

Depends on. If you’re a subscriber to the Starter or Light plans, as you don’t have a loyalty clause, just go to the “Plan and Payment” tab and click “Cancel plan.” In the advanced plans, you need to contact your account manager and inform about the termination of the contract.

Depends on. Some documents, by requirement of public agencies need to be signed with Digital Certificate. However, this represents a low percentage of cases. About 95% of the document signatures (carried out by Contraktor) are without a Digital Certificate.