From hospitals to lawyers, from universities to financial institutions: document management and eSignature bring more agility to your business.

Contraktor is a platform that helps companies and people lead a more productive and red tape-free life. Here, you can manage every step of your document flow, from creation to signing, storing and monitoring. All in one place.

Our tool is suitable for the most diverse types of companies. Below, you can see the main sectors we serve. Understand how your company can benefit from Contraktor!


The health sector is digitalizing faster and faster. Telemedicine, which became common place in 2020, made health professionals look for technological solutions. Digital signature allows you to digitalize many stages of medical practice: medical records, attested, prescriptions and more!

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Another sector that had to adapt quickly to the "new normal" was Education. Remote learning has taken over educational institutions and thus digitalization has also become a reality. With digital signature, you can streamline the entire process: from online enrollment to digital diploma!

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If there is a sector that deals with high volume of contracts and important documents, it is certainly Law. Therefore, solutions such as digital signature and electronic document management are essential for professionals in the area to have less bureaucracy and more agility in their processes!

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“Contraktor was a remarkable contribution to our contract flow, a watershed that brought lightness and security to the process.”

Fernanda Figueiredo



Digital signature and document management are not limited to the above sectors. Contraktor also serves partners from many other segments, such as: finance, leisure, food and beverage, technology, communication, among others. After all, digital signature is for everyone!

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