Unimed is the largest health cooperative system in the world. It has a 37% share in the national health insurance market, and is also the most remembered brand in the sector by Brazilians in 27 years. Even being a reference for so many years, Unimed also had to adapt to the new times and saw technology as an ally in this process.






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The search for digitalization in the health sector intensified in 2020, mainly due to the pandemic and the need for social isolation. Even with covid-19, the bureaucracies that revolve around contracts and documents that need to be signed have not stopped. Therefore, the use of eSignature has become almost indispensable for the implementation of proposals and commercial contracts, hiring new professionals, sending terms of work at a distance, among others. Talking about the health sector, check out how Law 14.063/20 affects this area!



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With the need to adapt to the “new normal” and aiming to solve bureaucratic problems in an automated way, a successful partnership with Contraktor emerged, and later extended to several units of the Unimed network. The Florianópolis branch, for example, which already used a simple electronic signature platform, chose Contraktor to solve a problem that went beyond the signature: the centralization and digitalization of the entire flow of contracts and approvals.

“Our control of contracts and subscriptions was all manual, done in spreadsheets. We deal with a lot of contracts and this control was very laborious.”

André Rosado Pereira

Purchasing and Contract Analyst

With Contraktor, it became possible not only to continue signing digitally, but to control these signatures and the entire process of approvals, reviews, deadlines, values and people involved in one place. 

Today, all contracts are centralized within the platform, with very simple and effective digital control!

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“The fact that all sectors and people involved have access to the same document and are notified of the expiration, was one of the factors that caught our attention the most. Our flow and control over contracts has improved 100%”

André Rosado Pereira

Purchasing and Contract Analyst

Main advantages of managing online contracts

Currently, the use of the platform is expanding among sectors of the Cooperative. This is just another indication that 2020 is the year of digitalization of signatures and contracts in the health sector. We are proud to say we are managing to help the sector, so that technology becomes an ally increasingly present in the routine of people working in the medical field. Count on us!

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