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Investing in a private pension plan is important, so that your tomorrow can be traced more safely! After all, a retirement with income that meets your needs, without having to lower the standard of living acquired during the working years is the dream of many people. And that is Quanta’s mission: to offer a peaceful and secure future with a Private Pension Plan.

Quanta is a Private Pension Entity whose purpose is to manage Closed Pension Plans. The company has 16 years of expertise in Closed Associative Pensions, being present in approximately 500 business units across the country and in more than 50 cooperatives. In addition, they have 100,000 participants in managed plans, 131,000 protected beneficiaries and more than BRL 3 billion in managed assets.

With many customers and suppliers throughout Brazil and constantly growing, Quanta began to notice a problem related to important documents that passed between the company and suppliers, customers and employees, since everything was done in a traditional way, with printed documents.

Lack of time to segment, print and send documents

Quanta’s main difficulty with printed documents and contracts was the rush to segment, print and send them by mail, since they have customers and suppliers spread across the country. As a result, some problems arose, such as:

For these reasons, Quanta turned to Contraktor to eliminate the “paperwork” bureaucracy and streamline the process of eSignatures with customers, suppliers and coworkers.

How Quanta was able to shorten the lead time for new business with Contraktor

With the platform, Quanta Previdência managed to drastically reduce the time spent to segment, print and send documents, since this process has now ceased to exist: with Contraktor, all these steps are now carried out within the platform, digitally.

The solutions pointed out by Quanta as the main ones, which are helping a lot in the company’s routine, are: the possibility of signing documents online with legal validity and the centralization of information in the cloud.

On the platform, you can view documents and contracts that are still pending signature, send signer reminders (such as deadline alerts), store and organize documents, and much more! 

The collection of digital signatures became more agile and, consequently, new businesses are being signed more easily! Sending documents is now faster and more secure.

The main types of contracts used by Quanta, through Contraktor, are:

We are proud to be part of the digitalization of a company like Quanta, which cares about the future of thousands of people, who sees technology as an ally and who seeks, every day, new ways to innovate. Count on us!

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