The need for a platform that would bring organization, agility and less bureaucracy




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The problem of ineffective document management

The digitalization of workflows within companies is growing more and more, and with Stuttgart Porsche it was no different. The need for a platform that could bring organization, agility and less bureaucracy arose and, in 2019, they met Contraktor. Since then, we have established this successful partnership!

Prior to the partnership with Contraktor, the processes with documentation were complicated. Contracts were created and signed physically, making it a lot more time-consuming and expensive.

+ 3K

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in the flow and control of contracts

After talking to several companies, Porsche chose Contraktor because it is a complete platform, in which it is possible to monitor and manage different stages of contracts, from signing to creating a document from scratch. In addition, Contraktor is a very functional and intuitive software for users. What used to take 10 to 30 minutes to be signed, today takes up to a minute, saving time, money and making more sales possible.

“We saved time, and now we are able to have control over documents, and deliveries got faster to our customers. Contraktor was essential to this change in workflow”

Juliano Freitas, IT Coordinator, Stuttgart Porsche.

Contraktor is proud to be part of the digital transformation of a company like Stuttgart Porsche, which embraces the countless possibilities and good results that a digital signature and document management platform can bring. In times of distance, technology is our greatest ally to optimize processes! Count on us!

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