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The Spanish brewery Estrella Galicia is one of the most appreciated around the world, because it remains loyal to the same quality of production proposed in 1906, the year of its foundation. Even though, over the years, numerous means of automating the production of beer have emerged, Estrella Galicia has proven that technology has not affected its respected tradition.

With undisputed worldwide success, the distribution of Spanish beer requires processes as careful and refined as those used in manufacturing. At the same time, consumers’ access to beer needs to be agile, practical and hassle-free. However, Estrella Galicia had been facing the red tape in this process here in Brazil.

Yes, bureaucracy doesn’t go with beer. But in order to expand the distribution of its product here in Brazil, Estrella Galicia faced some challenges in the management of contracts with warehouses, supermarkets and other customers for supplying beer and official refrigerators of the brand.

According to Daniella Almeida, from estrella Galicia’s Legal sector, the entire flow of contracts was manual, halting important operations such as the release of refrigerators for customers. Even if there was intention and capacity to have the products, beer distributors had to wait days to use and market the Estrella Galicia brand.

An example very close to the present day is the need that, both Estrella Galicia’s legal and clients, had to notarize their signatures. However, with the pandemic and social isolation, this stage became almost impossible. The arrival of traditional beer in the supermarkets had to wait.

In addition to dealing with delays, the brewery and its customers needed to shell out high transportation and notary costs.Making the purchasing and distribution process expensive, bureaucratic and time-consuming.

In an acceleration program in Spain, promoted in 2019 by Estrella Galicia itself, Contraktor was one of the 5 startups selected by the brewery. There, in the acceleration process, Estrella Galicia knew Contraktor’s solution and decided to test it, because the problem faced in the life cycle of contracts could be solved with the technology offered by the startup.

Among the main features used by the brewery were: electronic and digital signing of contracts, creation of documents on the platform, sending contracts via e-mail and cloud storage, centralizing the main steps.

With the features and benefits offered by Contraktor, Daniella Almeida can already notice positive results, within 5 months using it:

“Now I’ll send the contract in the morning and after a few minutes it’s signed.”

Daniella Almeida

Estrella Galicia beer has hit shelves and refrigerators 85% faster than before with the reduction of time in hiring.

The easy adaptation to the platform has also become a highlight, since Contraktor is very similar to the system used in Europe by Estrella Galicia’s headquarters.

Here’s to technology! 🍻

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