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How Brasilcap minimized risk using digital document signing

A reference when it comes to capitalization, Brasilcap has been working for 25 years, turning plans and dreams of 13.4 million customers into reality. Being a brand of Banco do Brasil, it has always sought to make its products viable to all Brazilians, generating opportunities without distinctions. This occurred even with numerous challenges, such as the management of a huge volume of paper contracts.

However, maintaining the organization of the data of millions of people, without interfering in the acquisition of new business, has become a problem over the years. Customer experience and the relationship with suppliers was also a concern.

Responsible for a significant movement of a natural good as important as coal, Copelmi is daily faced with demands that require efficient contract management. Currently, the company deals with documents in all sectors, especially in the provision of services and on leases.

Looking after millions of documents, which meant millions of dreams, was a complicated task for Brasilcap. Stages of contract management, such as: printing, sending and storing paper documents, generated a high demand of time and costs for the company. According to Valnir Junior, from the Project and Governance Office team:

“We spent a lot of time with the ‘back and forth’ of documents and this generated a certain discomfort with the supplier.”

Valnir Junior

Concerned about their delicate relationship with suppliers and customers, Brasilcap’s legal professionals began to look for solutions that reduced the risks of loss and leakage of contractual information, high costs with the life cycle of traditional paper contracts and the long time to close deals with customers and suppliers. The reduction of processes was fundamental to have a positive impact on relationship metrics. It was then that Brasilcap met Contraktor.

The constant effort to improve the flow of contracts led Brasilcap to Contraktor. Tool features, such as: cloud document storage, centralization of steps in a single environment, categorization of teams and sending contracts by e-mail to effect digital and electronic signatures, attracted Brasilcap, as these would be the solutions to the main challenges they had been facing.

Then, within only 8 months, Valnir Junior’s team began to feel significant improvements in the routine. According to him:

“Now, documents can be signed with a few clicks, in real time and with the necessary security,” he says. “And there is no exaggeration when we say ‘real time'”.

One of the highlights for the entire team was the possibility of signing contracts via mobile, because, the same time spent before facing queues in notary’s offices, could now be used to sign dozens of documents in the palm of the hand. Time spent on this task has been reduced by about 90%.

“We are achieving speed in negotiation, reducing costs, helping the environment. The Company is applying to the digital world and committing more to the environment and this is very positive”.

Valnir Junior

The risks of fraud and insecurity with thousands of traditional paper contracts sent in outsourced means of transport no longer exist, making operations safe, helping Brasilcap to increase the level of reliability with customers and suppliers.

The Purchasing and Facilities team also benefited from digital contract management. In Raquel Silva’s view:

“Before digital signature, we depended on the availability of the supplier to come and get the duplicates of a contract, or we had costs to send it via Mail. Now we can sign the contracts on the same day”.

Raquel Silva

The legal department of Brasilcap began to centralize all stages of the process of preparation and completion of documents. Thus, the Draft Contracts do not need to be made by the areas.

In a disclosure on the company’s intranet, aimed at sharing the good news with the teams, the collaborator Djenane Filuszteck commented:

“The contract signing process has always been very extensive and painful here at Brasilcap. The experience of signing a contract digitally was very different: agile from start to finish. Innovation is already happening!”

Djenane Filuszteck

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