Contraktor is a document management and eSignature platform that integrates people and documents in a 100% digital, secure and efficient way.

This collaboration results in high performance in the formalization of agreements and new businesses, leading to a better and more productive life.

We believe in a new way of dealing with documents. Easier, intuitive and affordable for everyone.

Our Values

Customer experience first

Understanding the needs and difficulties of our customers is key. For us, profit is a consequence of a service rendered with excellence.

Persistence to overcome challenges

We are always looking for solutions to our challenges. We focus on learning and we don't waste time finding guilty.

We move towards our mission

Moving forward towards our mission and overcoming collective and individual goals are our achievements. We believe that all victories should be recognized and celebrated.

Our history

Founded in 2017 by former lawyers Bruno Doneda and Henrique Flôres, Contraktor was born of nonconformism with the bureaucratic structure rooted in Brazil, experienced daily in the ranks of notatories, in the office with piles and more piles of paper and in the slowness of processes that made its clients waste time and money.

This was enough to push the undertaking with the purpose of reducing bureaucracy and connecting people and businesses intelligently and effectively.

So, from an innovative idea in the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Digital Signature segment, Contraktor platform comes to life and becomes a high-impact technological solution, combining document eSigning and easy management of the entire workflow.

In 2020, we launched one of the pioneer products in the electronic signature market in our country,, which came to democratize digital signature in Brazil, facilitating new business for entrepreneurs and thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since then, it’s more than 1 billion reais (BRL) in contracts already managed within the platform and more than 200,000 users signing with the tool.


More than half a million users have used Contraktor's technology

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Awards and acceleration programs

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Work with us

We are focused and persist in our mission. Our purpose is to help companies close deals via digital contracts with the best possible experience. Check our job opportunities and become part of one of the largest digital signature startups in Brazil.

eSign and monitor your documents quickly, securely and legally.